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You Are The Influencer


I am very honored to have amazing cover art by Mark-Kalev Kostabi, and a foreword by my good friend and legendary A&R man, Tom Zutaut. I hope you will enjoy reading about my life in the music business as much I as I have enjoyed living it.

RM 2020

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"I found Renee's book an invaluable primer in understanding many facets of today's music business. Straightforward, thorough, and easy to read."

Jimmy Steal - WTMX 101.9-FM


"I just love it. An amazing book with broad coverage and some rock n roll stories thrown in for good measure. Well done Renee"

Princess Maha - BIMM Business School London


"An excellent read, an a great insight into many aspects of the Music industry. Well done Renee Meriste, you are the influencer "

Adi Healey - Plan B


"Renee's book is brilliant in its focussed approach to succeeding in the music biz and is relevant in any part of the world. Importantly, it's very simply written without industry jargon and that's very helpful"

Mandar Thakur - Time Music


"Renee's book is a rarity --one about the music industry that is concise but comprehensive, detailed but easily understood, and in short an excellent guide for folks trying to "make it" in the 21st century music business. Fueled by his first-hand, extensive, and practical experience in Europe, Asia, and the US in a variety of areas -- including labels, marketing, and touring -- Renee has filled You Are the Influencer with sound and solid career advice for the novice and veteran alike, and the result is a must-have book for anyone trying to navigate the turbulent waters of the modern music industry. Highly recommended!"

Jeff Izzo - California State University Northridge


"The book opened up a new perspective for me on how to build a strong team. It also opened up the very nature of the manager and the fundamentals of working as a manager. Highly recommended reading for all the leaders, not only in the entertainment business, but every leader."

Raul Markus - Attorney


This book is amazing. Why? Because it uses the best ever guide to being a leader and how to build a team . Also, as a way to teach us how to treat each other"

Juri Koll - Fine Arts Film Festival



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